Seller's of all things vintage!

Welcome to the Vintage Item Exchange run by IndyPicker an Indiana born husband and wife team who over 40+ years of marriage became avid antiquers. I started collecting baseball cards in the 60's and continue to collect old radios, while the wife collects Bakelite jewelry and old books. We are based out of Dayton, OH.

We started selling vintage collectibles and antiques on-line in 2008. At first we sold some of our own collection just to see if we could do it and then we got into picking. Since then we had sold 2k plus items on eBay.

We also have a restoration shop. We previously restored golf clubs and that's where we learned how to take things that didn't look so well and are in a condition that most collectors would pass on. Thus keeping them in the food chain and not in the land fill.

Some cool items we have sold over the years include an original 1954 Marilyn Monroe calendar, a 1920 Coca Cola menu board and a classic Duesenberg windshield wiper motor.

We pick most of our items from the states of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. We love the Art Deco period and collect Bakelite and old radios from that period. Thanks for stopping by and come back often! 
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