Costume Jewelry Collection 

We have just posted for sale some nice costume jewelry from early 1900's to late 1960's. These include Bakelite, Lucite and Paste Stone pieces signed by jewelry designer Albert Weiss.

Costume jewelry has been around for centuries. In the United States there are specific periods that can be collected.

Art Deco 1920-30's - geometric and symmetrical lines

Art Deco Jewelry

Retro Period 1930-50's - glamour, sophistication, Bakelite & Lucite ~ Hollywood influenced

Bakelite Jewelry

Art Modern Period 1940-60's - Bold and lavish, large chunky pieces

Kenneth Lane Jelly Belly Jewelry

Collecting these can add everything from glamour to funky to your jewelry arsenal. These can be found at estate sales, garage sales and online shops such as ours

Until next time, Indy