Welcome to the Indypicker.com blog!

Indypicker has been around since 2008. We are a husband and wife team who pick from the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. We caught the antiquing bug back in the mid 1970s, as newly married and stationed in California with the United States Air Force we looked for something fun and inexpensive to do on the weekends.

In 2008 we decided to turn our hobby in to an online business selling some of the their on collection to test the waters of online selling. We started selling on  eBay and then moved to Etsy. We now support and Etsy shop and our on site at www.indypicker.com.

We try to provide a wide array vintage items from collectibles to memorabilia to jewelry and more. Our blog will include not only items from our shop, but educational posts and once in a away just a fun item about our cats or something like that.

We hope you will stop by and read our posts. If you want to know when these happen join us on Twitter @indypicker or Facebook /indypicker and on Instagram /indypicker.